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Anonymous asked
thank you sooo much for the time and the effort you put in your answers. im so happy you are doing this and i bet a good nights sleep that you are really helping people!!

This means a lot to me, anon. <3 I’m glad that people are reading them! I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed them! I just want to help people see their “faults” as being empowering. ^_^

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bad skin ;-( for obvious reasons....

nah, man. Acne has its upsides. :)

IT MEANS YOU’RE CLEAN. I know that sounds counter-intuitive, but think about it. Acne really only got to be a problem when people started bathing more often than “oops I fell in the river.” So, that means that somewhere along the line, you had some ancestors that were like, “Hey. Maybe bathing good.” And then they did it. For all the generations leading up to you, they bathed. And your body now freaks out at its own oil, which is FINE because that just means that you have a long history of being clean. Use that to pick up chicks. Or dudes. Or whatever floats your boat. 

IT MEANS YOU’RE LESS LIKELY TO GET MURDERED. Evolutionarily speaking, people get really threatened by unmarred faces because, well, it kinda makes them want to mar them a little. It’s been suggested that acne evolved to keep people safe from getting killed because people might think “oh man that person with the acne is so not a threat to my mate.” 

but u are. u r so a threat b/c u hella rad 

There’s actually evidence (in monkeys) that acne leads to more kids because you’re more sexually appealing. Once the acne clears, you’ve matured and all the other monkeys go WOOOOW MAN I NEED TO GET KNOCKED UP BY THAT. Acne is a perfect stealth disguise for not getting murdered until you’re ready to have kids. 

[I know you’re not a monkey, but I thought you might want to know because monkeys and humans are similar]

And you know what? Acne is a temporary problem at best. Learn to rock it. Learn to just…live in that generations-clean skin that’ll keep you safe from murder. 

Wear your skin proudly. It’s what keeps your insides in. And just because it’s “bad” doesn’t mean it’s not doing its job—your organs aren’t falling out, are they? :)



Anon me something you don’t like about yourself physically (and why you don’t like it) and I’ll explain to you why it’s great.

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I have really big thighs and hips. I just wish they were a little smaller



u need those thighs 


those are legs of POWAH friend. 

they will help u out-run a tiger while you’re pregnant. Because that’s why you’re here now—some ancestor with your legs was able to use those muscles and outrun a tiger while she was full of baby. She couldn’t get left behind just because pregnant. Nah,son, gotta keep moving. Gotta use those legs to carry like 500lbs of berries AND a baby. 

As for your hips, have you seen those fertility figures? Aphrodite got hips. Those stone figures got hips. Hips are good. Hips are a classical symbol of “Yeah, I’m fertile. u want some???” Rock it. Science shows that the more “hippy” your walk is, the more attractive you consider yourself AND others consider you. 

Anonymous asked
Being short.


You know what’s baller about being short? Lots of things. For one, you’re the ideal size for receiving hugs. I love me some hugs from some tall people. 

For another, you’re usually nimble as shit. I’ve yet to meet a short person that wasn’t secretly some sort of ninja. Y’all have low centers of gravity and you can take a punch way better than a tall person. 

Short people age better. I don’t have scientific data to back this up, but they definitely do. 

Short people can lie about their age and get discounts on shit. 

Short people have a better sass-to-size ratio than tall people. Like, WOW MAN. I don’t know how all that sass gets packed in there, but it does. 

tl’dr: short is great <3


Anon me something you don’t like about yourself physically (and why you don’t like it) and I’ll explain to you why it’s great.

When are peasant skirts gonna be back in style

*screams into the universe about problems that can’t be put to words*

Dear girl on the treaddy by me

I know u being intense. And that’s cool. But I can see your tv. And you know as well as I do that you’re watching supernatural.

And tumblring on your phone

It’s fine, girl. We should be friends.

No judgment zone.